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Loukoumádes 6 FestBux

Bite-size balls of dough cooked and drizzled with honey and cinnamon.

Baklavá 2 FestBux

Walnuts, filo, honeyed syrup.


Paximádi 2 FestBux

Chocolate-dipped almond cookie.


Baklavá Cheesecake 5 FestBux

Baklavá with a center layer of rich cheesecake.

Baklavá Sundae 5 FestBux

Vanilla ice cream mixed with rich, syrupy Baklavá pieces.


Kafé Frappé 6 FestBux

Iced coffee with whipped cream.


Greek Coffee 4 FestBux


Regular/Decaf Coffee 2 FestBux

GF FestBux Button.png

Greek Draft Beer 7 FestBux

Local Craft Beer 7 FestBux

Draft Beer 6 FestBux

Greek Wine 8 FestBux

Ouzo 8 FestBux

Metaxa Brandy 8 FestBux

Nikle Lavender Lemonade 9 FestBux

Red Bull 5 FestBux

GF FestBux Button.png

A Sommelier-guided tasting of Greek wines in the Tavérna.

Four 3 oz. pours  20 FestBux

Friday, Sep. 30  5:15  &  7:30      Saturday, Oct. 1  Noon      Sunday, Oct. 2  Noon

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