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Kóta Riganáti (Oregano Chicken) 14 FestBux

Melt-in-your-mouth baked chicken delicately flavored with oregano, lemon and spices. Served with festival rice and salad.


Psitó Arní (Roast Lamb) 18 FestBux

Tender leg of lamb cooked over charcoal, served with festival rice, salad and tzatzíki sauce.


Pastítsio (Casserole) 14 FestBux

Slow-baked layers of macaroni and ground beef in a savory Greek tomato sauce topped with luscious béchamel. Served with rice and salad.


Souvláki (Skewered Meat) 10 FestBux

Chunks of tender marinated pork (hirinó) or chicken (kóta) seared over charcoal and served on warm pita bread. Topped with onion, tomato and delicious tzatzíki sauce.


Gyros 8 FestBux

Sizzling slices of the famous beef and lamb combination on fresh pita bread. Topped with chopped onion, tomato and fresh tzatzíki sauce.


Saláta (Salad) 6 FestBux

Lettuce, tomatoes, olives, Feta, pepperoncini, Greek dressing.


Spanakópita 5 FestBux

Spinach, cheese and selected herbs folded in filo.


Patátes (Potatoes) 5 FestBux

Slow-baked oven potato wedges tossed with savory Greek spices.


Piláfi (Rice pilaf) 5 FestBux

Our famous Festival rice.


Dolmádes 5 FestBux

Grape leaves stuffed with rice and subtle spices.


Mezédes 5 FestBux

Feta, Kalamáta olives, pepperoncini.

Bottled Water | Soft Drink 2 FestBux

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This most popular Greek dessert is baked with layers of walnuts, butter, filo, cinnamon and clove, then laced with lemon-orange honeyed syrup.

8 piece package 16 FestBux

4 piece package 8 FestBux


Chocolate Baklavá

The original plus velvety chocolate drizzle.

1 piece 3 FestBux



Crunchy twice-baked almond cookies.

12 piece package 8 FestBux


Chocolate-dipped Paximádi

The original plus velvety chocolate.
1 piece 2 FestBux


Melt-in-your-mouth butter and almond cookies covered in powdered sugar.

6 piece package 10 FestBux

3 piece package 5 FestBux



Heavenly butter cookie twists.
12 piece package 8 FestBux


Baklavá Cheesecake

The famous Greek dessert with a center layer of rich cheesecake.

1 piece 5 FestBux



Lightly sweetened braided bread.
1 loaf 10 FestBux

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GF Cook.jpg

Learn how to prepare delicious and authentic Greek cuisine.
Lessons are held in the Tavérna.

Friday, Oct. 6

6:30 Mezedákia (An assortment of appetizers)

Saturday, Oct. 7
1:30 Gigándes Plakí (Baked lima beans–vegetarian)
4:00 Baklavá
6:30 Horiátiki Saláta (Village salad)

Sunday, Oct. 8
1:30 Galaktoboúreko (Custard-filled filo pastry)

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